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5 Oct 2007
Jean-Luc Deuffic

The Codex Gigas

The Codex Gigas or the Devil’s Bible is a medieval manuscript at the National Library in Stockholm that is famous for two features. First, it is reputed to be the biggest surviving European manuscript. Secondly, it contains a large, full page portrait of the Devil. 

This site contains a digitised version of every page of the manuscript as well as commentaries on its history, texts, script, initials and decoration.
The manuscript was made in Bohemia (now part of the modern Czech Republic) between about 1200 and 1230. It is remarkable that virtually all of the manuscript, script, initials and decoration, appears to have been the work of one person who probably worked in a Benedictine monastery. The Codex Gigas contains four long texts as well as a complete Bible. The manuscript begins with the Old Testament, and it is followed by two historical works by Flavius Josephus who lived in the first century AD. These are The Antiquities and The Jewish War. ..
Manuscrit numérisé (digitised version) [En ligne]
Stockolm, National Library [En ligne]
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22 Sep 2007
Jean-Luc Deuffic

National Digital Library Polona

National Digital Library Polona presents the most interesting manuscripts from the collection of the national Library :

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. Latin, French. 13th century. Parchment. Ilum. 15,5 x 10,5 cm. K. 170 + VI. 19th century velvet binding. Rps BN I 8003 Psałterz wilanowski, called also Psałterz Potockich is a 13th century hand-written psalter. Thanks to its excellent painting technique, perfect drawings and conscientious execution of full-page miniatures, is regarded as one of the best works of Paris studios in the early Gothic period. It is ornamented with 4 fullpage miniatures, six figurative initials (which, in keeping with the principle adopted for this kind of psalter, mark the beginning of psalms), small calligraphic initials and colourful interlines. The Psalter, probably purchased in Paris at the beginning of the 19th century for Stanisław Kostka Potocki’s Wilanów Library, was transferred in 1932 to the National Library together with the Wilanów collections. In 1939 it was evacuated to Canada, whence it returned twenty years later.
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19 Sep 2007
Jean-Luc Deuffic

Espagne: Virtual Library of Bibliographical Heritage

The Virtual Library of Bibliographical Heritage is a cooperative project of the Ministry of Culture and the Autonomous Regions, which aims to distribute printed books and manuscripts from Spain’s Historical Heritage by digital facsimile.
Biblioteca Virtual do Patrimonio Bibliográfico est un projet commun du Ministère de la Culture et des Régions autonomes pour présenter des impressions anciennes et des manuscrits du patrimoine espagnol sous forme numérisée.
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Liste des imprimeurs

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